The Beginning of Safe Beauty

If you’re anything like me, you wish you could go back and tell your teenage acne prone skin self to just relax; this too shall pass! But no, some of the worst mistakes known to skin was committed.

The acne experience started at the age of eleven.  It was the most embarrassing thing ever.  Morning, noon, and night I obsessed over how to get those ugly bumps off of my face.  

And to make things worse, it didn't seem fair that most of my friends appeared to have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.   I felt like I wore a sign that read “stare at this acne covered face”.   

Getting to the place of absolute desperation and shame, I had one mission in life and that was to make the bumps go away.   Although encouraged to keep your hands off your face, I did what any acne sufferer would do and took matters into my own hands.   

Doing what I assumed would work, I used my fingers, which were probably dirty and started  popping those bad boys!  I would then apply make-up to cover-up the pimples and the marks the self-inflicted surgery would leave behind. 

What was I thinking?  

Why  would that be the solution to the acne issues?   I’m still reminded of those horrible practices every time I look in the mirror.   And to see the hyperpigmentation that has unfortunately stuck  around due to improper skin care.  I’ve often wondered was puberty the culprit or were my dirty fingers the biggest enemy? 

I had no idea that the bacteria coming out of my skin and the bacteria going onto my skin from my fingers were both good reasons for the acne I was working so hard to try to get rid of.  And you want to know something else?  I witness  countless people, both young and old do what I did as a teen; pick at their skin.    

Yes, your skin is resilient yet harmful habits can leave you with a feeling of regret as you are left with reminders of unhealthy skin care habits by the marks on your face.  It's been said that you start aging around twenty years old. 

TWENTY YEARS OLD!!!  So, at sixteen when I was still picking at the acne on my skin, I didn’t realize I was only a few years away from  dealing with the effects of aging skin.

Had I known that I wasn’t practicing safe beauty habits and that my bad habits were probably the number one hindrance to the clear skin desired, I would have made significant changes.   Those healthy habit choices would have benefited my adult skin.

Your skin deserves the best care.  It’s on you to make good choices that will keep your skin, healthy, glowing and strong.   If you’re dealing with acne here are a few tips from a woman who's  been where you are.


  1. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that this too shall pass. 
  2. Get on a good skincare regime and if that may mean seeing a dermatologist for help, do it! 
  3. Focus on what is going into your body by drinking lots of water and eating clean and healthy. 
  4. Throw out that old makeup.  Yes, makeup does expire.   It's  doing more damage than you know. 

Safe beauty goes a long way and in twenty years... Your future self will thank you!

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