Why Does Makeup Expire?

Are you using expired makeup?

Many skincare and makeup consumers overlook expiration dates on products. It's easy to miss the fine print and keep your products longer than recommended. Each product and brand recommends an expiration date for individual products. Difficulty in managing expiration dates leads consumers to use expired makeup. Using expired makeup and skincare products alike leads to unhappy skin.

Every product that comes in packaging most likely comes into contact with air and bacteria over time. Because of the constant exposure to fingers, applicators, and hair, the contamination process often takes a toll on the quality of a product. After all, products with fewer preservatives will play a key role in skin preservation in the long run. 

Many health websites recommend regularly keeping track of expiration dates to make the most out of each product. Cosmetics and skincare easily harbor bacteria and transfer that same bacteria into application processes. The result of unchecked expiration dates leads to redness, irritation, styes, infection, and overall unhealthy habits.

Date My Make-Up

Each cosmetic product functions differently. How does this affect the expiration date?The answer lies in several different areas. Expiration dates depend on ingredients, preservatives, exposure, and application.


Mascara is the notorious leader in short expiration. Not only does mascara receive exposure to bacterial areas daily, but the product relies on a vacuum to preserve texture. Due to mascara's high demands, the shelf life usually sits at two to three months.

Failing to replace mascara can lead to infections and styes as well. It's important to regularly rotate mascaras in and out every three months at most. The telltale dry texture of an old mascara or a foul smell means it's time for a replacement.

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Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner also boasts a short life span. Almost all liquid liners stay in quick rotation because of usage and texture. Liquid eyeliners dry out quickly in comparison to gel and pencil liners. Even though some brands offer quality liquid liners, the quality doesn't eradicate expiration.

Pencil Eyeliner

As a member of the eye makeup family, eyeliner also requires regular upkeep. However, the dry nature of pencil liners allows for a noticeably longer shelf-life. Due to the constant reapplication of pencil eyeliner, it's easier to keep a pencil liner longer. However, it's vital to regularly sharpen or apply pencil liner regularly to renew the product.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow, a dry cosmetic that comes into contact with a brush applicator, has a generally long shelf-life. Most eyeshadows can last for just about two years. If earlier replacement is possible, unwanted infections and irritation will stay at bay.

Model wearing red eyeshadow

The main parting piece of information: regularly cleanse applicators. Applicators serve as the transfer method between the product to the skin. Keeping sponges and brushes in dry environments extends shelf-life. Each product contains a different amount of moisture depending on desired texture. If a product leans towards more moisture, remember to keep an eye on the expiration date. 

Liquid mascaras usually dry out after continuous use. Liners will most likely reach the end of product life over a few months. While using old, opened cosmetic products may seem harmless, the effects are not. Avoid irritation, breakouts, aging, infection, and styes with the help of Date my Make-Up.

It's essential to keep up with the period after opening date of your cosmetic products. Always record the date of purchase, the date after opening and the expiration date to enjoy the most of each cosmetic product. Keeping so many dates in order is no easy feat.

Question: How can you keep up with all the expiration dates of your makeup and skincare products?

Date My Make-Up provides the solution.

Here's a new way to organize expiration dates and become your new go-to destination for all things cosmetic expiration. Date My Make-Up's upcoming app will keep track of all your cosmetic products especially the important PAO Date (Period After Opening) and remind you when to cycle through each product or clean your applicators. The app will easily organize your cosmetics and count down the days until expiration for you.

Eye makeup products need constant rotation to keep infection at bay. Styes are most commonly transferred through infected makeup. Date My Make-Up's app will keep track of your eye makeup products for you! With helpful reminders, Date My Make-Up's revolutionary app will undeniably become an essential part of your makeup routine.

It's impossible to keep these types of lists organized on the notes app. The expiration date on makeup and skincare products commence the day of opening, the clock starts ticking once exposed to air. 

If your unopened cosmetic product is few months old, it maybe safe to use your product. Date My Make-Up smartly tracks each product upon first use. While texture and dryness sometimes incite replacement, some products hide behind preservative ingredients.

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