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We all love clean makeup sponges... but what is the BEST way to clean your makeup sponges? 

      "Welcome to the Make-Up Chronicles!" 

Previously on the Make-Up Chronicles...

You had been preparing to apply one of your favorite foundations with your pink sponge until your makeup protested, saying it was expired! At first, you brushed it off, but then their words started to echo in your ear...


You stare into the mirror and take a sip of coffee from your Blonde Dewey Coffee Mug (gorgeous just like you) Pink sponge in hand reflecting...


So, why is this bad again?


Uh, well, take a good look at that dirty pink sponge! Use it and you've got a one-way ticket to skin irritation city.





Relax. Using it one more time won’t hurt!


Umm Excuse me pinky here…It takes less time to clean me between applications than it does to make 

Coffee.  I hate to admit it…but….eh um…bacteria has settled in a few of my pores.




And I can’t guarantee you won’ know...have a breakout...


What do you mean?


Girl...acne! Irritation caused by the bacteria in a sponge will plant microcomedones under your pores, which then can result in full blown swollen pimples! Before you know it, your complexion will be rivaling a Chocolate Crunchy Bar...


Alright then , how exactly am I supposed to clean you?



Finally, got your attention. I’m glad you asked!


Thanks for joining us on our latest episode. What’s the best way to clean your make up sponges? Head over to to find out and click on Make Up Chronicles. See you in the next one. Oh! And safe beauty to you. 

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What is the best way to clean your makeup sponges

Listen to the makeup products come alive in our video below! 


"Where your makeup speaks volumes"


First, why is cleaning your makeup sponges important? 

And how often should you replace them? 

Here’s the science:

When we apply our makeup, particularly foundation, sponges are usually our go-to, right? Our makeup sponges soak up a lot of products… and a lot of bacteria, oil, dead skin and dust. If not cleaned between applications, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, which then all goes back on your face! (Eeeek!)

This bacteria can then plant seeds of Microcomedones, which are super small blemishes that start under your skin before emerging as Comedomes (Comedonal acne). They will look like flesh colored, clustered bumps on the skin and are a big sign of clogged pores. 

Aside from ComedonalAcne, using a dirty sponge on your face can also result in other types of acne and irritations all due to clogged pores. If you continuously use a dirty sponge even after acne and irritation shows up on your face, you increase the chance of developing infections like:

  • Staph 
  • Menigitius 
  • Herpes
  • Rashes

Doesn’t sound fun, right? 

This is why having clean makeup sponges is SO important, as it affects your personal hygiene and health! On top of this, it's also important you replace your makeup sponges after awhile. 

Ideally, you should replace your makeup sponges every 1-3 months.

However, no matter how much makeup you wear, if you don't clean your sponges in between applications, they're not going to last very long or be good for your complexion. The more you take care of your sponges, the longer they will last! 

So, how can you effectively keep your makeup sponges clean, anyway? 

Thankfully, there are several EASY and CHEAP ways to clean your makeup sponges, and we’re here to share the top three we think are the most useful! 

Method 1: With soap and water

Time: 5 minutes or less

Ah, good ‘ol soap and water. All you need for this method is a running sink and soap.  

  1. To do this effectively, make sure the water is warm, not scalding, not cold, but WARM.  
  2. Begin soaking your sponge under the running water until it absorbs to its full capacity and expands.  
  3. Get some soap (most hand soaps or dish soaps should be fine) and rub it into the sponge. 
  4. Start rubbing the sponge in circular motions with your hands where it seems dirtiest while also keeping it under the running water. You’ll start to see the excess makeup coming out and staining the water. 
  5. Apply more soap and repeat as necessary until the water runs clear and the stains in your sponge fade!
  6. Rest the sponge on a towel and let it air dry. 
  7. Cover the sponge with a paper towel to keep bacteria from landing on it. 
  8. Your sponge is now ready for its next makeup application! Yay! 

Method 2: In a soak bath

Time: 30 minutes 

Who doesn’t love a good soak? We sure do. 

While this method takes longer than the first, it’s still just as effective. 

  1. Fill a small bowl with warm water
  2. Add some soap 
  3. Submerge your sponge in the warm, soapy water for 30 minutes.
  4. After the 30 minutes are up, if needed, take some soap and massage it into any dirty areas on the sponge that need extra TLC. 
  5. Squeeze out any excess water and soap. 
  6. Place the sponge on a towel and let it air dry. 
  7. Your sponge is now clean! 

Optional step: Light some candles and feed your sponge some bon-bons while it’s soaking if you really want to pamper it! (We’re kidding.)

Method 3: In the washing machine

Time: 30-60 minutes

Take your makeup sponge for a sudsy spin by tossing them in your washing machine! 

  1. Grab your sponges, put them in a sock and tie it shut with a hair tie. 
  2. Add detergent. 
  3. Set your washing machine on gentle and if possible, add an extra rinse cycle. 
  4. Remove from the washer when done and let your sponges air dry on a towel. 

3 Methods To Cleaning Makeup Sponges

Here are your Safe Beauty takeaways: 

  1. Makeup sponges harbor bacteria that then get on your face, causing acne and increasing chances of infection. 
  2. You should replace your makeup sponges every 3-6 months. 
  3. Cleaning your makeup sponges makes them last longer. 
  4. Wash makeup sponges in simple soap and water. 
  5. Wash makeup sponges in a soak bath. 
  6. You can wash makeup sponges in the washing machine. 

That's it! 

Hey! DMM Blog Team here!

We had a lot of fun with this blog and we hope you liked it as much as we did creating it. 

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Safe Beauty to you!



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