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We understand how important safe beauty is, so that’s why we’re here to help. Here at Date My Make-Up, we feature blogs, cute makeup merch (just like you!) as well as tips and tricks all centered around product and personal hygiene. On top of that, you’ll find a diverse community of fellow makeup lovers alike who you can connect with!

Did you know makeup expires? Well, we do. That’s why it’s important to “date your makeup!” See what we did there? But seriously! Keeping track of makeup expiration is important, which is why Date My Make-Up is here to be your reminder to renew! 

Want to learn more about makeup expiration? Click here to view our blog loaded with tips and tricks as well as check out our products like our Makeup Expiration labels to help you stay on track. 


About the Date My Makeup Blog Team

Meet the team members who keep Date My Make-Up’s blogs at their best! 

Adair Gilliam 

The charismatic voice behind the Makeup Chronicles! Adair is a session singer, voice-over actor and lyricist. Her career started in television and movies with her love for music leading her to study musical theater. Adair has worked in Broadway on the hit show, Orange Is the New Black, as well as worked with Academy and Grammy winners Oscar Derrick Brown and Micheal Giachino. Currently, Adair is pursuing voice-over work and is looking forward to bringing her voice and stories to a listening audience!  

Instagram: @a.g.adair

Email: adair.r.gilliam@gmail.com

Danielle Sherstad

Danielle Sherstad is the graphic artist for Date My Make-Up. Drawing since her toddler years Danielle also grew up enjoying pastimes such as reading and movie watching and later developed interests in psychology and philosophy. In the end Danielle's passion for art claimed victory and she graduated from the Art Institute of Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation. 

See Danielle’s artwork at her Instagram: @daniellesherstad_art 

Danielle’s Email: daniellemariesherstad@gmail.com

Nia Smith

Hi, I'm Nia Smith, the website manager and hopefully, a soon to be Pinterest pro on the DMM team. I'm originally from St. Catherine, Jamaica and moved to Atlanta, GA in December 2019. I love working with Dawn and the team and seeing her dream for this company come true on a daily basis.


Email: niasmith94@outlook.com

Jamila Jackson 

A specialist in dialogue scripts who is known for her witty humor. Jamila is one of the writers behind Date My Make-Up’s charismatic dialogue scripts in The Makeup Chronicles series.


Email: jamila.asha@gmail.com

Sarah Sherstad 

Sarah Sherstad is one of the writers on the DMM Blog Team. She is a published author, Star Wars nerd and professional gif hunter. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her with a good book, brainstorming her next story idea or crafting her next cosplay. 

See Sarah’s writing at her Instagram: @authoredbyfire

Sarah’s Email: Sarah@authoredbyfire.com