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Meet the team who keep The Makeup Chronicles The Blog at its funniest!
Here at Date My Make-Up, our goal is to create quick-read blogs with entertainingly useful info that tells a story while providing you with Safe Beauty tips!
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Dawn Gilliam 

Dawn Gilliam is the founder of Date My Make-Up and the main creative mind behind it all! Being a script supervisor in the movie industry, she has always had a talent and passion for storytelling, thus “The Makeup Chronicles” blog was born.  As Date My Make-Up continues to offer Safe Beauty tips for you, she looks forward to seeing her company grow into a diverse community for the makeup obsessed!
Dawns Instagram: @dawngilliam

Sarah Sherstad 

Sarah Sherstad is the managing editor and Pinterest pin creator on the DMM Blog Team. She is a storyteller, pop-culture nerd and published author. In her free time, you’ll find her with a good book, brainstorming her next story idea or crafting her next cosplay.
See Sarah’s writing on her Instagram: @authoredbyfire
Sarah’s Email: sarah@authoredbyfire.com

Adair Gilliam

Adair Gilliam is the voice of The Make-Up Chronicles audio shorts.  She is a session singer and Voice-Over Artist from Hollywood. She also produces the background music for the audio shorts.  She truly wishes "Safe Beauty to you...all that enjoy the art of makeup."
Adair’s website: Adairgilliam.com.
Adair’s email: adair.r.gilliam@gmail.com

Danielle Sherstad

Danielle Sherstad is the graphic artist for Date My Make-Up and co-creator of DMM's makeup labels. Danielle received her Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation in Milwaukee before moving to Los Angeles. She enjoys movies, books, history and psychology.
See Danielle’s artwork on her Instagram: @daniellesherstad_art 
Danielle’s Email: daniellemariesherstad@gmail.com

Nia Smith

Nia Smith is the IT tech, web manager and Pinterest pro for Date My Make-Up! She is originally from Jamaica and moved to the States in 2019. She loves working with Dawn and the team and seeing her dream for this company come true on a daily basis.
Nia’s Email: niasmith94@outlook.com
Nia's Instagram: @nia_s_smith

Jamila Jackson

A specialist in comedy dialogue scripts and is known for her witty humor. Jamila is one of the writers behind Date My Make-Up’s charismatic dialogue scripts in “The Makeup Chronicles” series. 

Email: jamila.asha@gmail.com